Summer jackets in linen, cotton and more

High quality summer jackets by OSKA are classical and multi-faceted, refreshingly feminine, strong in character and unique.


Our summer jackets are essentials that truly live up to the label. They show the beauty of the everyday with premium fabrics, exciting cuts and loving details. They offer freedom and defy all conventions. And they are universally wearable because we want the world of OSKA to be open to everyone. They are our definition of a sustainable wardrobe, because our women's jackets outlast all trends. Truly sustainable beauty requires responsible manufacturing, and you can be reassured that we conserve resources in our production process wherever possible. Find linen-cotton jackets that make a difference. Discover OSKA.

Casual jackets for women: durable and sustainably beautiful

Our high-quality linen jackets for women create a classic look as the seasons shift and the days warm up. Our summer jackets for women, crafted from a linen-cotton mix, combine the best of the two fabrics for an effortless, easy style. They are natural, cooling and incredibly comfortable to wear.

Women's jackets in cotton poplin look sporty and casual. Enjoy walks through summer woods, shopping tours through vibrant cities or short holidays by the sea? Our jackets are the perfect companion.

What’s the key feature of all OSKA summer jackets? Their timelessness. We create seasonal jackets that last for many seasons. Because they are designed for eternity. They defy short-lived trends, yet they are modern. OSKA jackets stand for slow fashion. Their cuts change the way we wear essentials. Suitable for every occasion, slightly oversized and laid back, women's jackets by OSKA have a permanent place in your wardrobe. For endless possibilities and looks - now and in the future.

Harmony and contrasts. United in summer jackets by OSKA.

Minimalist jackets from OSKA bring a new flair to your outfit. All you need is the right combination. Over wide blouses, our slightly oversized summer jackets complement the layered look, while jackets with fitted cuts provide sharply tailored contours at the shoulders. Each OSKA jacket offers another unique touch to your silhouette and subtly offers another unique touch and subtle contrast to your silhouette.

Combinations with the same materials look airy and harmonious. Lightweight linen-cotton jackets over linen women's dresses are not only cool and loosely draped, they also flatter with the feather-light shapes and effortless elegance. The slightly creased fabric also contrasts beautifully with flowing, smooth fabrics like silk. Shirt jackets for women with an oversized cut are especially useful for softening an elegant, more formal outfit, or wearing as a loose blouse, with a cool, boxy shape. Perfect for particularly relaxed summer looks or slow Sundays on the lounger.

One last tip: as well as contrasting materials, play with colours. Adding different colours and tones can create interest, whilst using one palette gives a feeling of harmony. Mixing colours with layers creates a strong visual impact and makes a real style statement. Subtle, calm colours provide a framework for intense highlights and set accents that optimally complement a minimalist wardrobe. Jackets in relaxed natural tones, meanwhile, provide a sense of balance and serenity.

Add beautiful, timeless linen-cotton jackets to your wardrobe and find your eternal summer. With OSKA.

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