Timeless. Sustainable. Self-confident. Slow Fashion by OSKA.

OSKA enriches your wardrobe for eternity. Because we focus on classic sustainable fashion that playfully experiments with silhouette and colours. We create elegant casual clothing that flatters. We design timelessly beautiful, high-quality minimalist clothing that defies trends. OSKA is your go-to slow fashion brand. Smart, self-confident, feminine

Enjoy carefully selected, sustainable fabrics. Experience our seasonal collections that break new ground and inspire in the spirit of the "Capsule Wardrobe". And discover responsibly produced unique pieces and essentials that make a difference:

We design classical and above all wearable clothes. As diverse and unique as the people who wear them.

Our collections are for everyone who wants something special.

We stand for sustainable, high-quality women's clothes.

Slow, fair and sustainable fashion brands - what does all this mean for OSKA? We are not just jumping on the sustainability bandwagon. Our commitment is real and long-held. We design sustainable fashion and elegant, yet relaxed women’s clothes, mostly within Europe, because, since our founding in 1997, we are convinced that slow fashion is the only way for fashion to be purposeful in the future.

Fabric is a statement.

Our collections are made from the most beautiful fabrics and materials that nature has to offer. Wherever possible, we use renewable raw materials that are known for their durability and resistance, whether that’s wool or hemp,linen or cotton. Slow fashion is our credo. Timeless fashion is our vision. This requires more sustainable ways of thinking. And an awareness of clothes that stand out from the crowd.

Our philosophy? Sustainable and fair fashion!

Only when a garment becomes a lifelong favourite can it be truly sustainable. Our goal is to create classics that will enrich your wardrobe forever. For us, only slow fashion stands for fairly produced and durable clothing. That's why we take a slower approach. We focus on high quality instead. With substance. And we mainly produce in Europe.

Minimalistic clothing for limitless possibilities

We celebrate sustainable fashion and minimalist, casual yet elegant and natural clothing. We dare to create cuts and silhouettes that stimulate and electrify. For new possibilities.

Discover our newest collections online. Or visit us in one of our stores. Our fashion experts would love to assist and inspire you with new looks. Discover timeless, high-quality women's slow fashion and simply be yourself. Today and in future.

Discover OSKA.

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